Thats so brilliant Alex, congratulations! …

Comment on ‘Maverick artist and change-agent’ wins major fellowship by Pete Allsop.

Thats so brilliant Alex, congratulations!

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Council should get ethical with its $25m investments
How lucky we are to have a Councillor like Jade Kundrenko, somebody who can push for change rather than business as usual which is getting Alice Springs absolutely nowhere.
There is so much talent and creativity in Alice Springs, so many people who are up to speed on national and even international events and thinking, and yet the council drags the chain on just about every issue of importance.
As a business owner and ratepayer in this town for more than 15 years I’d be very happy to see investment shifted away from the big four banks and into other more ethical opportunities.
A progressive image would be good for our town, get on board Councillors – more power to you Jade.

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