Thanks, Russell (Posted December 2, 2016 at 6:36 pm). What …

Comment on Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred? by Erwin Chlanda.

Thanks, Russell (Posted December 2, 2016 at 6:36 pm).
What you label as a generalisation is an assertion we make with complete confidence: Reader statistics for each report – which we have to the accuracy of one through Google Analytics – establish that stories attracting little or no comment (the majority) can have just as many readers as stories that attract a lot of comment.
This shows us that readers are coming on to our site primarily for the journalism it provides, while we welcome the many who also respond to the forum for discussion it creates.

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Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred?
You seem to have a good point, Harold (posted December 3, 2016 at 8:13 am
Since November 30 we’ve made several requests to the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority for comment. Not a peep out of them.
Regards, ERWIN CHLANDA, Editor

Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred?
No Russell, it ain’t. Our journalism is in the reports, and we stand by them.
Many readers’ comments are providing valuable facts.
What some say is not news nor fact, but an expressions – sometimes outburst – of opinion. But they have the freedom of speech as well.
Our readers know to tell the difference.

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‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
@ “Really!!” – Otto Jungarrayi Sims, a prominent senior man in Yuendumu, has every right to express his views. Through the Alice Springs News, with a readership of more than 20,000 people (Google Analytics), Mr Sims can exercise his right to free speech, as can “Really!!”
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Rock climb closure: total government control of media
@ “David”: During its entire quarter-century history (so far!) the Alice Springs News has drawn attention to the bastardisation of our democracy by elected persons – black or white – who slink away from being transparent and hide behind their unelected minders. Be assured “David” we’ll continue to do so.

Erwin Chlanda, Editor

I climbed Ayers Rock
Hi Patricia, asking questions about issues in the public interest and reporting the answers, or their absence, that is what we do.
No apologies. Stand by for lots more.
This policy has earned us a readership well over 22,000 (see Google Analytics this page).
Kind regards, Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

How hard is it to keep cattle out of a small conservation reserve?
Hi Ruth, thank you for your comment.
There is no water in the small reserve. The little creek is usually dry and if it flows, it would enter from the north and flow out to the south, which means the stock don’t need to be inside to have a drink.
The flora is a mess but would of course recover with grazing animals being kept out.
If the cattle and horses damage the fence from time to time then the rangers will have to fix it, because – I would have thought – that is what rangers do, be they Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

NT party changes name to make its point
@ Tim Dixon: It was the Alice Springs News which drew attention to “unconventionally named parties,” not 1Territory.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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