Alex, good to know the old bloke was partly right …

Comment on Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred? by Ian Rennie.

Alex, good to know the old bloke was partly right at least.

Ian Rennie Also Commented

Trees on Melanka block no longer sacred?
I am sure that some idiot can think of a story about the trees, preferably while high on some drug, any drug will do and then someone can put a sign up and tourists can say ooh ahh and take photos. I spose that would be the closest that anything can come to happening on that bit of land.
Once was told by an old bloke that the oldest thing on that block was the buildings that were pulled down.

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Chinese, Singaporian pipeline firm wants Aussie handout
Australia, thanks to our pathetically weak politicians and the apathy of the population, is seen as a soft touch by foreigners, we sell our assets for SFA and then provide the infrastructure needed to transport it.
It won’t be long and the foreign takeover of Australia will be complete and we can be thankful for the few scraps the new owners throw us.

US marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war
I do not see it as a threat, however if we must do then we need to look at all the Chinese “bases” around the country including the Port of Darwin.
American military presence in Australia is a plus in many ways and in no way a threat.

‘The Territory is broke. We’re living way beyond our means.’
Crikey! And we have Short on Brains claiming Labor will do so well running the country?

St Francis House: Excellence sought and achieved
Yes, Brian Butler had a wonderful father in James Henry Butler (deceased) who shared many stories and facts with me over the years regarding his wife (Brian’s mother) who he met in Darwin and the hurdles he faced from the authorities because he wanted to marry a full blood Aboriginal woman and the fact that he was most disturbed by misconceptions that Brian was of the “stolen generation”.
The last time I saw Brian was at his father’s house in Pt Augusta at around the time of his mother’s passing and I am yet to see a man with feature so much alike of his father’s.

If NT goes broke, Canberra has to bail us out: Higgins
I’m sure China would be watching closely to see if the silly stupid Aussies will give them any more land and assets for pennies.

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