Our Chinese tourism market is increasing, but it’s a slow …

Comment on Territory bombs out in key Asian tourist markets by Kay Eade, Chamber of Commerce.

Our Chinese tourism market is increasing, but it’s a slow process to market an area of Australia that doesn’t have theme parks, mammoth shopping centres, and entertainment 24/7.
I’d like to see the marketing and research that has been done to find out what the Asian tourist is looking for.
Does the NT cater to their tastes, or try to attract them to our beautiful landscapes and cultural richness?
The government has had success in taking the local tour operators to the international expos instead of bureaucrats.
These operators show the passion they have for our country, and I think it’s paying off.
The high cost of internal airfares wouldn’t help our plight either. We just have to keep plugging away.

Recent Comments by Kay Eade, Chamber of Commerce

When business gusto meets homelessness
I did not know that you had an advantage Erwin!
Don’t know how much sleep you got, but I think I managed about 2 hours.
Was a great event organised by Melissa and her team. Alice should feel proud!

LETTER: Breathing new life into the Tanami Desert
Lara Wilde will be providing a presentation to stakeholders and interested parties on 12th June in the offices of the Chamber of Commerce from 5.30pm. The presentation will outline a study of the economic impact the sealing of this road will have. The Tanami Action Group are lobbying the federal government for funding to complete this project.

Chamber flicks arts & cultural centre project to underachiever Tourism NT
As a result of a public forum held in November last year, a committee of some 10 dedicated local public and private sector individuals was formed and the Chamber of Commerce volunteered their premises and their time to act as secretariat for this group. This is not a Chamber of Commerce committee, so this project is not the Chamber’s to ‘flick’. There will be many avenues to travel and many groups of people to consult to ensure this project proceeds successfully. Tourism NT is one of these groups, as would be the Aboriginal leaders of this town. The committee is not exclusive, so if you have an interest in this project, you are more than welcome to participate.
[ED – We still haven’t been told what the “10 dedicated local public and private sector individuals” have accomplished between last November and now, which is one of the questions we asked before posting this story. And why didn’t the local Chamber of Commerce stick with the project?]

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