Shame, shame, shame. It appears the CAAAPU directors named are …

Comment on Grog, domestic violence control group in trouble again by Perrule.

Shame, shame, shame.
It appears the CAAAPU directors named are bringing shame and disrepute to CAAAPU.
Perhaps some serious governance training may be in order for those directors.
Do they know the financial statements are a legal document that’s supplied to government funding bodies and others?
Can you give us the details of the conversation mentioned?

Recent Comments by Perrule

Rocky Hill: More water, no charge
Cut the water off to Rocky Hill.
It is not fair to Alice Springs residents who pay water tariff and land rates.
In Victorian and SA horticultural farms are user pays for water. If we allow all the water to be drained for an unsustainable horticultural property like Rocky Hill the powers that be must be mad and the Centralians who let it happen must be mad also.
Have a look at the local papers every now and then, you will see that the Hayes family are claiming they are not making profit there, any other local business that can’t make a profit closes.
It would appear that the Hayes family should have stayed in their core business – cattle.

Town camp review to have broad scope
Give the management of public housing on town camps to Tangentyere.
Some Aboriginal people who have a tendency to run amok may look after houses if their own people have to come and clean up the mess.
Tangentyere Executive would surely put shame on those who do not look after housing and bring disrepute to Tangentyere.
I am not employed by or related to any Tangentyere executive or staff.

CEO of troubled CAAAPU resigns
Philip you are a lovely man and well liked.
Thank you for doing your best at CAAAPU.
The challenges presented to you were numerous.
Working with an Aboriginal Board that are not skilled in western ways or trained for the job creates a level of difficulty in managing an organisation that onlookers cannot understand.
Tell the gossipers to go and jump off the side of the earth.
It is my thought that if you had a governance officer to help with the board and connect with ORIC and their services frequently – you would have been freed up to concentrate on watching the accountant.
Wish you all the best for the future, life lessons learned from the whole CAAAAPU thing will take you far.

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