Hi Daryl, what you got from Alice Springs you gave …

Comment on Alice a place of dreamers and doers – for millennia! by Maureen York.

Hi Daryl, what you got from Alice Springs you gave back in full. Before and after you became a paraplegic.
You participated in many projects. I think I first met you when we started “The Anti Cancer Foundation” (now the Cancer Council).
You participated in the Debutante’s Ball, Bang Tail Muster etc, etc.
It’s the people who come here that make the town unique and you were one of those people.
It is forever changing as new people come with new ideas. I am grateful for the memories of your time here.

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Pine Gap demonstrators provide real time images
I have two things to say on this protest. The base has been there for 50 years or close to it, with no problems.
If it was to be a target, it will be the fault of the people protesting by drawing attention to it and what they think it is. They are the danger, not the base.

A new ‘Made in Prison’ row?
Correctional Services made the ” Lest We Forget” sign that was displayed on ANZAC Hill on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day last year.
It was a beautiful gift from them to the town. The people from Alice Springs came together and made the poppies that adorned it.
Photos of it went around the world. I will always be grateful and I applaud the work they do and their efforts to rehabilitate the inmates.
Give them a break.

Vandalising of sign didn’t mar Remembrance Day
They did not just topple the letters they broke them in half.
Lucky for us that Mez K was up there to help us put poppies in the garden.
She made a few phone calls and two guys from the council came and repaired the broken letters within half an hour.

Market stalwart a one woman disaster relief organisation
Hi Tracie Hall, that is very sweet of you to offer a donation. But I am not after donations. I repair soft toys and charge a small fee. Sometimes people pay more than what I charge. By all means stop by and say hello. I would like to meet you.

Market stalwart a one woman disaster relief organisation
Lets not forget the volunteers who keep the Market going. For many many years Jenny Mason ran it, followed by Wayne Driver and now Donna Maskel. It takes a lot of their time, patience and they have my admiration.
And then there are Ben and Brenda Price, and Wayne Driver who have donated to the Teddy Bear Hospital.
There are a lot of good people involved in the success of the Market. Alice Springs is very lucky to have such people.

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