Thank you Fiona for clarifying so many details about the …

Comment on Caterpillars as big as a mountain are starving by Linda Rive.

Thank you Fiona for clarifying so many details about the types of moths and grubs, plants and localities.
It has always delighted me to know that we live beside such big ranges, which represent such little creatures.
I have always enjoyed knowing that the small and often overlooked creatures are the totemic ancestors for Alice Springs.
It reminds us all that we must care for the smaller creatures lower down on the food chain.
To be wealthy we learn to “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” and in the natural world if we look after the grubs, moths and beetles and the plants they feed on, then we will have a healthier and more abundant natural landscape.
I am lucky to have lots of tar vines in my garden, so I shall go and have a rummage around in them this evening and see if I have any yipirinyas.
I have noticed different caterpillars over the last few days, often losing the battle against ants attacking them.
I was delighted and saddened to read your article this morning, thank you so much for sharing your research with us.

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