Thank you Fiona. A beautiful and informative article. Your knowledge …

Comment on Caterpillars as big as a mountain are starving by Liz Scott.

Thank you Fiona. A beautiful and informative article. Your knowledge and ability to weave science, history, Aboriginal culture and your personal world, makes for engaging educative reading. I still feel delight when lucky enough to see a ‘goods train’ (as one of my kids called them) of caterpillars crossing the road, all joined together head to toe. It would so exciting for the boys to count how many were in each ‘string’; and I think that was how they made both sensory and cognitive connections about Aboriginal jukurrpa. They saw the line of caterpillars ‘reflected’ in the shape of the ranges, thus giving them something tangible to hold. Again thank you.

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Farewell, Iain Campbell
I’m very sad to hear of Iain’s death.
Thank you Kieran for a lovely article and perfect image.
Many years ago I returned to Alice from overseas, specifically to learn to paint from Iain. His tuition was beyond my expectations.
I came to love his lilting accent, filled with respect, humour, gentleness; and the manner of his positively framed gentle critiquing of students work.
I think he was the most generous teacher I’ve had; generous with his knowledge, time, heart and experience.
Alice has lost one of our great treasures. To Mandy and Iain’s family, I send you deep condolences.
Vale Mr Campbell.
You will remain in my heart forever.

Eagle and Crow: Andrew Spencer Japaljarri
It is with great sadness that I have just read of the passing of Japaljarri. I have always felt very blessed to have worked in partnership with him at Yuendumu in the late 80s.
He was not only filled with such a generous spirit, but unbelievable patience, wisdom, humour and the ability to see the or delve for the “light” in any situation. It was an honour to have had such a beautiful teacher – learnings I have continued to use in my dealings with all people since.
Japaljarri carried his family and community responsibilities on a very wide and proud set of shoulders.
To Marlene and all the family – my love and sympathy are with you.
Thank you Craig for a fitting tribute.

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