Justice reinvestment? Give me a Bex someone. I can see …

Comment on Summer crime calls for thinking outside the box by Michael Dean.

Justice reinvestment? Give me a Bex someone. I can see the room starting to spin.

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Summer crime calls for thinking outside the box
The problem, Richard, is that the alternate approaches offered have the appearance of being soft on the offender and the victim of crime gets little or no support.
This difference is what feeds the view that the courts are too soft on people and that offenders get slapped on the wrist and told “you have been very naughty now don’t do that again” and they walk off laughing at the system.
Endless imprisonment cycles are not the answer, but the answer is also not academic training and networking to make civil servants feel elitist and powerful. This soaks up the money that really should otherwise be spent on the frontline.
This is why people feel the system works for the offender and not the victim.
The Aboriginal corporations that seem to have fantastic offices and plenty of cars going around town also need to roll their sleeves up and get more involved in all this.
I understand that many don’t want to be seen to be punishing their family but if a sense of fairness is wanted, it needs to be equally applied to everyone.

Recent Comments by Michael Dean

Blackout: Managers must go, says union source
“BESS capacity is equivalent to around 10% of the town’s demand with 40 minutes of storage.”
Well, that didn’t go to plan on Sunday, did it.
With these vast sums of public monies being spent it’s reasonable to expect value for money and what is promised will happen.

Conflict of interest raised in council’s rejection of gallery offer
This is really starting to be a joke of sisyphean proportions. This gallery was promised / promoted by Labor before the last election, well over three years ago and still nothing has happened.
There is every chance in under a year they could be voted out or made impotent because of the independents, meanwhile Alice has nothing to show for the failed Gunner experiment … except crime and chaos on our streets.
If the crime we are expected to tolerate in Alice Springs was in a capital city on the east coast or similar, it would be on TV and in newspapers with editors demanding accountability.
As a town, we should be demanding accountability from this government about a project they put forward to gain votes regarding the art gallery, and their inability or incompetence to actually achieve what they said they would do.

$10m upgrade instead of new youth detention centre
Did I read that correctly: “Adding an additional offence only adds to the paperwork for frontline police and does not add value to the outcome.”
Where does this elected member live? In fairyland?
If you start doing it for some you have to do it for all. We are all equal under the law.
Letting somebody breach bail and get no offence because they are young is emboldening them to offend more.

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
If people think some local language signs are going to make Alice Springs a better place to live and more attractive to tourists, you need your head examined.
Reduction in crime and lower air fares, that’s where you need to start and build from that.

Ghan walk: Signs of the times
You only noticed the signs out the front of the Post Office because they were directly opposite your electorate office Conlan.
Ministers should be thinking more about the portfolios they hold rather than infighting.

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