We are so concerned about political correctness so as not …

Comment on Summer crime calls for thinking outside the box by Rural Resident.

We are so concerned about political correctness so as not to offend, that the system is not prepared to name and shame the offenders!
If identified their photos should published.
This kind of public exposure would be a deterrent by causing shame, except to perhaps the most hardened offenders.

Recent Comments by Rural Resident

Kids behind razor wire, rural land misuse, gallery fiasco & more
What is the problem with building the Youth Detention Centre past Roe Creek, South Stuart Highway, next to the Correctional Centre? There should be no complaints at this out-of-town location.

Wakefield insists on Anzac Oval, ignores majority
A CBD location is essential for visitation numbers and clearly the reason the NT Government is insistent on Anzac Oval Anzac Oval as the preferred site.
If the Government is planning to spend $ millions to construct new rugby playing grounds to compensate for the loss of playing fields at Anzac Oval, then why not put that money towards the purchase the Melanka site for the Gallery’s construction, giving a CBD site, walking access from it and plenty parking space for cars and buses, with infrastructure planned around the existing mature eucalypt trees?
Construction south of the Gap or at the Wildlife Park on Namatjira Drive, will not see the visitation numbers a CBD site would attract.
If the Melanka site were developed, everyone would be winner.

Four lanes through Gap: Does Alice need them?
What is needed is a railway tunnel and the present Stuart Highway elevated and expanded to four lanes in place of the rail line and easement.
There is no doubt this would be vehemently opposed and probably immediately identified as a sacred site by the local indigenous population, however, approval could probably be negotiated by a generous compensation package.
Such a tunnel would, however, create some social problems as seen recently by someone trying to jump onto a moving train. Locked gates may be the answer, that could be opened by the train driver or the rail operator at times of expected rail traffic.
I see none of our councilors or politicians seem to promote what seems an obvious solution?

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