@ Rural Resident: The point is that what may shame …

Comment on Summer crime calls for thinking outside the box by Richard Bentley.

@ Rural Resident: The point is that what may shame you does not shame everyone. Finding a new way of effective communication is required if progress is to be made.
We can fill the gaols via longer sentences or more convictions but if the crime rate is not reducing, is it not time to look for a different approach?

Recent Comments by Richard Bentley

Government electricity firm in trouble as solar booms
The electrification of transport is one way that some value can be extracted from the investment in gas generation at Owen Springs.
I understand that transport amounts to around 30% of energy consumption so there is a great opportunity to reduce emissions by utilising local energy sources – sun or gas – to run your transport fleet. Ultimately all electricity is likely to be solar sourced as the technology is improving by the day and getting cheaper.
But for now anything is better than burning petrol or diesel in an ICE.

Hate speech report sparks trolling
Following events in Alice Springs through Community Forum and Alice Springs News there is rarely a dull moment. It is painful however to see good people with good intentions falling out.
It seems that an internet squabble is not much different from a bar room brawl except with so many people involved it is harder to say sorry tomorrow.
I could not question Erwin’s commitment to his business or the town. As an editor he must call it as he sees it and I for one do not always agree but his paper provides a useful independent voice in the town.
Over the years I have seen many references to the services provided by Wayne Thompson, often at his own expense, to transport services in Alice Springs.
I am also acutely aware of the risks he and his employees face providing that service. This does not excuse the comments made but explains them.
Rather than litigation perhaps the protagonists can find a quiet spot to discuss their differences and get back to lifting the town spirit.

Is talk of gas hot air?
The cost of wind and sun energy is 0 and available forever if you accept the predicted five billion years planet life as for ever.
So if it can be captured efficiently it must outcompete oil and gas.
The rate of expansion of renewable technologies indicates to me that plenty of people have confidence in them.
Stories are emerging from USA particularly and many other locations of coal and gas fired power stations closing early and plans being cancelled.
So if infrastructure is built on the expectation it will be justified over 30+ years and it is redundant in 10 or 20, how can it be considered to have been a good investment?
That is the judgement that is being made around the world and it is clear to me that the pendulum is swinging rapidly to wind, sun, storage technologies, smart grids and the most cost effective, energy efficiency.

Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves
Suggest a google search of “paint the streets white” and you may find an article Apr 28, 2018.
Los Angeles is painting the streets white to combat the rising temperatures in the summer caused by the heat island effect. Closer to home in SA Salisbury Council is indicating they are pleased with initial trials of this concept. Could be good for trees and is sure to be goood for people.

Massive gas reserves close to being tapped
@ Dave Richards: “New data suggests the pipeline of wind, solar and storage projects in Australia is nearing 100GW – possibly enough for the country to go 100% renewables.”
Giles Parkinson, RenewEconomy 21-03-2019.

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