Good to see Di Loechel speaking out against the trouble …

Comment on Public gives angry thumbs down to closure of police counter by Ron Willis.

Good to see Di Loechel speaking out against the trouble makers that come to town.
Unfortunately a lot of those troublemakers don’t become trouble makers until they purchase alcohol from Di Loechel’s Gapview Resort bottleshop and all the other bottleshops across town.
Then it becomes an inferno of swilling grog so rapidly that the bloke sitting next to him misses out on his turn.
Then it is on for young and old to find more grog desperately that they break in anywhere anytime just to fuel the obsession.
If the Governments, both Federal and Territory, were serious then they would spend a million dollars buying back take away alcohol licenses across town.
Sure you won’t beat Coles, Woolies and the main pubs but there is no need for there to be so many outlets.

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McDouall Stuart, aboooouuuut turn!
So the big outcry comes from the Aboriginal people whose ancestors this man may or may not have raped and murdered? For many of the coloured ones he may be their Great Great Great Grandfather?
What about the Anmatjerre man at Aileron holding that huge killing spear?
Don’t you think he may have killed white explorers and early settlers? Always double standards with you mob.

Alice, take charge of alcohol measures
As a maxi taxi driver I can tell you the BDR was a joke. With eight passengers there was always someone that wasn’t banned. They always got grog no matter what. Only Labor Party stooges reckon it worked. Manning the bottleshops with police is the only effective method so far at cutting humbug in town. People complain it is tying up police resources but there isn’t much need for them to be attending rapes, murders and assaults. Next step is 100% of money on the basic card so that no welfare bludger has the chance to party all day while we go to work and our taxes pay for them.

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