Greetings from “the” outback of the USA! “Worse? in the …

Comment on Public gives angry thumbs down to closure of police counter by Roger Bisby.

Greetings from “the” outback of the USA!
“Worse? in the past 15 or years or so???” Corresponds to the Aussie gun ban (Confiscation).
But here in the mid-west (“See Outback”), the same problems exist. Despite 70,000 plus firearms laws there is still gun violence or in your case “armed robbery” with a half of cricket bat, lead pipe, and I think a shovel.
The dispatch times here are 35 to 45 minutes for the local sheriff to respond, and they take NO action unless it is dead, bleeding, or a horrific traffic accident.
Calling 911 (your equivalent of 000) might get the response “we’re busy!” or other similar.
It is aa “I don’t give a rats’ ass!” response.
Regional Dispatch does not one darn thing to expedite needed contact with the local emergency services.
It is actually faster for us to drive to a petrol station “Quickie Mart” and find three or more patrol vehicles parked there.
Does someone answering your calls, in Darwin, actually possess knowledge of the local area, or do they relying on some computer map, that may or not be accurate of the surrounds?
Of course, not! This aside I really liked the time spent in Alice, sort of a Jewel in the Desert! Neighbourhood watch programs and community policing are the better options.
Best regards, Roger.
Independence, Missouri USA.

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