You’ve asked a question Harold so now I’ll explain. Katherine …

Comment on Katherine council’s ‘dereliction of duty’ by Bruce Francais.

You’ve asked a question Harold so now I’ll explain. Katherine has a grog problem. The council is well aware of this.
The mob as you have referred to KRAG is a 13 member group focussed on reducing alcohol related harm.
If the council fails to support the group to achieve this objective then it would be best for it to pull out from the group.

Recent Comments by Bruce Francais

Say no to no go, urge anti-frackers
Ted Egan’s comment re fracking being a big issue in the next election: It was a big issue in the last election.
Labor won the seat of Katherine largely due to the anti-fracking sentiment but then ignored the message.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
You had my vote Jacinta but you lost it when you displayed your racism. Yes, I’m an old white man too.

Voter banned from Parliamentarian’s office
To answer your questions Dr. Ongo. The NT government’s eight cabinet members made the decision.
One of them actually voted against the lifting of the moratorium but as the matter was decided behind closed doors this information has been kept confidential.
They got to decide because the Chief Minister has insisted that the decision be made this way and we the people have let him get away with it.

Voter banned from Parliamentarian’s office
I did not yell at Sandra Nelson. I merely spoke assertively, as I had every reason and right to do.

Fracking moratorium lift welcomed by Opposition
Gary Higgins is showing his true colours.
Several months ago he convened a forum in Katherine. Despite it being very well advertised only four people turned up, one of whom is a Country Liberal stalwart.
Gary made it clear that he was aware that the vast majority of his constituents were opposed to fracking and that although he personally supported fracking he would always support his constituents.
I wrote to Gary asking him to confirmn this in writing but I received no repy.
A month ago Gary put forward a motion in Parliament calling for the immediate lifting of the moratorium.
The motion was defeated when all Labor MLAs voted against it.
Gary is now openly abandoning his constituents.

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