People need to hold on to the humanitarian card for …

Comment on ‘Extreme vetting’ and Pine Gap by Y Morn.

People need to hold on to the humanitarian card for just a minute.
All laws / rules are implemented due to the few who choose to disobey them.
For this, these immigrants (who I suggest have been waiting some time) scheduled to enter the US are being subjected to some further checks / vetting before final entry is granted, what’s the problem?
Better to check now?
As for US-Australia relations, firstly I don’t think DT was that harsh, deals must be fair and equitable to both parties to remain a deal?

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Policing is still just a numbers game
Same old same old!
This topic has been discussed so many times the Alice Springs News could fill an encyclopaedia with people’s comments and ideas.
Yes, let’s start another petition? Let’s lobby the government? Let’s lobby the police? Let’s lobby the courts?
Until there are strict penalties in place there is no deterrent. This should be similar to the old three strikes and you are away law, regardless!
The people of Central Australia adhere to additional hillbilly laws that no other Fellow Australian has to abide by, for the sake of a few?
Can’t purchase alcohol until a certain time, can’t purchase liquor until another time, non sniffable fuel and the list goes on.
The law of this land includes many penalties that act as deterrents should we choose not to abide by them eg, caught speeding fine and loss of points = deterrent!
DUI more than likely fine and loss of license = deterrent!
Until we have a system in place that educates everyone that should they elect to break the law then this is the deterrent, no change will occur.
This goes for all denominations and age because we know that the older people send young ones to do the dirty work knowing they will get off?
If the government of the day can get past the outspoken minority of do gooders who feel sorry for the law breakers then action might happen.
Regardless of anyone’s socio-economic position in life, EVERY PERSON knows right from wrong.
Don’t blame the police, they are just fishing in a state that allows Catch and Release.

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