In November 2016 the Gunner Government pushed back the planned …

Comment on Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice by Robyn Lambley MLA – Member for Araluen.

In November 2016 the Gunner Government pushed back the planned expenditure for the “National Indigenous Art Gallery in Alice Springs” ($50m) and the “National Indigenous Cultural Centre in Alice Springs”($20m) to 2020/21.
These were amongst the many infrastructure projects “reprioritised” by the new Government. In this process they also cut $27m of infrastructure projects from Central Australia.
In short, there is currently no money allocated for the planning, design or building of the National Indigenous Art Gallery and Cultural Centre for another four years.
There is only so much you can do without funding.
Robyn Lambley MLA

Recent Comments by Robyn Lambley MLA – Member for Araluen

COVID lockdown: Nearby residents not informed
Of a priority must also be the health and welfare of the staff and clients (or residents) of the CAAAPU alcohol rehabilitation program.
We know that most people requiring alcohol rehabilitation in Central Australia are sick with a range of chronic and infectious diseases. They are vulnerable people.
What measures have been put in place to completely separate the alcohol rehabilitation program from the CV19 quarantine facility?
It is not too late for the Central Australia Health Service to properly inform the public.

Alice Springs losing the space race?
I have lodged these Written Questions to the NT Chief Minister. The responses are posted on the NT Legislative Assembly website within 30 days of lodgement.
1. How was it determined that the Northern Territory Government support a space industry in Arnhem Land?
2. Were other locations and sites in the Northern Territory considered by the Northern Territory Government?
3. If so, please provide all details of what sites were considered and who and what organisations were involved in these negotiations?
4. Were any sites in Central Australia considered in the process of establishing a suitable site for a space industry in the Northern Territory?
5. If not, then why not?
6. Please provide details of the when the Northern Territory Government commenced negotiations with Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA) for the proposed space industry in the Northern Territory?
7. At what stage are negotiations up to with the parties (Equatorial Launch Australia, the Northern Land Council and the Gumattj Corporation) to establish a space industry in the Northern Territory?
8. Is it too late for Central Australia to be considered as a site for a Northern Territory Space Industry?
9. What are the ideal climatic, geographical and physical conditions for a Space Industry to operate?

Middle School ‘monstrosity’ to stay: Minister
This $1m basketball structure was built in 2010 around the time I was elected as the Member for Araluen.
It was built in hurry by the Henderson Labor Government without any consultation or even notice given to the local community.
Ron and his family are some of the local residents that have been directly affected by this “monstrosity”.
Over the years they (we) have tried to negotiate a compromise with the Department of Education regarding sound barriers and security.
This structure is a total white elephant.
If it was built at a different location it would be used night and day by the whole community.
It currently remains the most underutilised sporting facility in Alice Springs.
As absurd as this may sound, spending $500k on moving this structure would be in the best interests of everyone and still value for money.
Robyn Lambley MLA
Independent Member for Araluen

Gunner not at his Alice reception but at Kelly concert
It is highly unusual that a Chief Minister would not attend a Christmas function hosted by the Chief Minister.
It is highly unusual that our new Chief Minister would not want to take this opportunity to personally thank the people of Alice Springs and Katherine for supporting his new Government.
It is highly unusual that the a new Chief Minister would prefer to attend a concert in Darwin instead.
I would imagine the local Labor rank and file would be as disappointed as the rest of us. This is very bad form.

Government spending: The good news and the bad.
These are the eigh Central Australian Infrastructure projects that have been deferred / scrapped by the NT Government this week totalling about $40m.

• Larapinta Headworks – connecting Albrecht Dive and Mpamtwe Drive (Braitling) $4.45m.
• Regional Town Development – Ti Tree (Stuart) $4m.
• Urban beautification – northern Stuart Highway from MVR to Telegraph Station (Braitling) $1.43m.
• Maryvale Road (Namatjira) $11.5m.
• Storm rectification works in Alice Springs (Araluen) $11m.
• Alcoota Fossil Beds development project (Namatjira) $4m.
• Soft Aerial Adventure Experience (Skywalk) Watarrka National Parks (Namatjira) $10m.
• Ross Park Primary School upgrades (Braitling) $2.7m.

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