This sort of development should be right in the middle …

Comment on Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice by Boss.

This sort of development should be right in the middle of town which would then assist in revitalizing the CBD.
It would boost visitor numbers to all of the surrounding cafes, restaurants, shops etc which the flow on would then benefit the whole community.
This is certainly a better idea than building a car park.
As far as a car park is concerned perhaps a secure multi level car park could be constructed at Anzac Oval for the exclusive use of CBD employees resulting in more spaces throughout town.

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Power out
When did we become part of South Australia?

Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill? Give the right to others as well.
I have no issues with the flying of the Aboriginal flag in any location and think it would be wonderful if Chansey were to also arrange for every Aboriginal organisation to fly the Australian flag as an acknowledgement of the Aboriginal commitment to reconciliation.
In Darwin all Aboriginal organisations that I have visited fly the Australian, Territory, Aboriginal and Torres Straight flags.
Perhaps they are more reconciled in the Top End than we are!

Qantas to trial satellite WiFi serving the outback
Hi Erwin,
Boy I hope you got paid for this info commercial.
How could anyone have any faith in what the NBN claim?
They say they can connect homes 36,000 kilometres away and yet they couldn’t find an address in Darwin less than one kilometre from their own office, on six occasions.
And they still had the wrong address on the seventh visit.
The NBN Co is the most pathetic and poorly run organisation I have ever had to deal with.
I can easily prove my accusations if required.

[ED – Hi Steve, we keep editorial and advertising content strictly apart. We don’t charge for publishing letters to the editor.]

Caravan park row: Goose and gander?
Tax payers should not have to fund people’s holidays. There is funding available for upgrading Blatherskite but I am told they never applied for it. Perhaps the situation they find themselves in is of their own making.

‘Fresh blood’ for Development Consent Authority
There is not one mention as to any qualification for any of the current members or the proposed members of this board that would lead me to believe any of them should be allowed to make any decisions on the town’s behalf. People with the suitable skills should be the only ones considered.

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