This article is music to my eyes. I truly hope …

Comment on Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice by Elliat Rich.

This article is music to my eyes. I truly hope it plays out as Chansey envisions. Wonderful outdoor as well as indoor space – a place that truly represents the Centre and the creative richness it supports and inspires.

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Dujuan’s moving story and its missing pieces
Kieran, Thank you for your ongoing attention to detail and tying threads through the interwoven elements and incidents of this place, your commitment to journalism is an asset to the Alice Springs News readership.
I think your review of In My Blood it Runs is fundamentally flawed. The film was not there for ‘us’ – you and me. It was not there to satisfy our demand for insight or our desire to understand. It was there to put the voice of a 10 year old Arrernte boy, someone who is constantly on the fringes – politically, economically, socially – in the centre. It was a space for him and his family to draw a circle and stand in it. We were there to give them that space. As an audience, we were not there to take, we were there to give. To listen, to hear, and if we were inclined, to feel.

In My Blood it Runs was an incredibly generous and honest account of Dujuan’s life. The direction and editing didn’t apply hollywood gusto or manipulative musical cues, it gently and openly gave ‘us’ – the new settlers of this place – an opportunity to suspend our dominant view of the world, the one we are allowed to look through everyday without question. I think it says a lot about the settler community here that the main messages that the family wanted us to hear was that they love their children. Are we, the parents of this town, really allowed to question that?

Someone asked me if the film left me with a sense of hope. No, but again, that’s not what the film was for. But seeing Dujuan and his family on stage afterwards. To see him feeling proud and with the confidence to speak to a room full to the brim, that’s what happens when those with the ability, move to embrace and centre those on the fringes. That gives me hope – because we can do that. He would have made any parent proud.

Hardware giant Bunnings confirms it’s heading for Alice
The quality of their stock is appalling, their timber supply comes from unsustainable / endangered forests, and every item is over packaged. Great.
BUNNINGS RESPONDS upon invitation from Alice Springs News Online:
Bunnings is committed to working toward carbon neutral growth and long
term footprint reduction and in keeping with this, the proposed Bunnings
Warehouse will implement a number of energy and water saving design
Bunnings also has a zero tolerance approach to illegal timber in its
supply chain with more than 99 per cent of the timber products sourced
from low risk plantations or other verified legal or certified
sustainable forest operations.

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