It all seems like a lot of duplication of services: …

Comment on Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice by Anonymous.

It all seems like a lot of duplication of services: How many art centres and galleries are there already in Alice Springs?
It is also very sad sitting in Araluen to watch a fantastic world class performer but only a handful of people are in the audience no matter how well the event is promoted. Unless there are dramatic changes (cheaper flights, influx of overseas tourists to Australia, Uluru becomes unpopular) I see the whole project as totally unsustainable.
I agree with Bev’s observations – not all local first Australians will be (or strive to be) successful artists, AFL football players, rangers or tour guides.
Keep the options open and balanced. A modest sized building, co-collocated with the Desert Park or Desert Knowledge Precinct would be good (but not easily accessible to pedestrians).
A couple of observations: People forget that the Araluen Centre was once owned by the Alice Springs Town Council but was transferred over to the NT Government to run. Why was this? Cost of running it was too high?
With the proposed art building, people need to bear in mind that the cost of construction will blow out no matter what the best intentions are.
It will cost a massive amount of money to keep open (staff, air conditioning, building maintenance, security, electricity). Will the venture ever break even?
Look at the indoor aquatic centre – numerous defects and the number of people who visit it is embarrassingly small, constantly trying to find qualified people to staff it (we are very lucky to have such a facility – towns three times the size of ours do not have one).
The indigenous staff at the cafe is an interesting one – at Yulara, how many indigenous staff from Central Australia work there, what is the percentage?
From what I have heard, many staff who identify as Aboriginal are from other states and territories (Redfern, Sydney was one I heard of).
Doesn’t the Yaye’s café at Araluen already offer indigenous fusion food?
Kungas, Red Ochre Grill etc seem to already have saturated the options in this genre.
I’m guessing they would be more than willing to employ more indigenous staff or trainees, if they aren’t already doing so.

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All around Australian there is a legacy of these sorts of projects being rushed through. Keeps the builders in business.

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