Appreciating that much responsibility lies with the Apmereke-artweye of Mparntwe …

Comment on Work started on national Indigenous art gallery for Alice by David Havercroft.

Appreciating that much responsibility lies with the Apmereke-artweye of Mparntwe in any review of potential sites, I hope the ex-Melanka site can be considered.

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Supreme Court – the inside story
Thank you for your incisive review Kieran Finnane, with the Supreme Courts now open.
I also direct your readers to my long-form essay at

Hopefully many lessons will be learned for the development of future justice environments in the NT.

And perhaps some seating could be provided to the laneway, allowing people to congregate. Garden beds with walls that would have been suited to sitting were drawn on the developer’s contract drawings as approved through an amendment their exceptional development permit. To remove these from the brief is a gross oversight.

They must be joking!
@Chris, I would argue that all aspects are relevant, while appreciating that we consider the life of a building (dimishing costs). I was truly hoping for some more feedback regarding why the building is great as per your claim, both in its architectural language and construction, as well as in its mixed tenancy model, etc. I think this is a good forum for some considered, in depth commentary. Thanks.

They must be joking!
@Chris, posted 16 April. It would be great to learn further why you think this is a great building, separate of the building’s energy performance. Buildings are clearly much more than just their power bills and the thermal comfort that they provide to the occupants, although these are undoubtedly important. I expect any commentary on the building’s environmental credentials should also take into account the embodied energy in the building materials used for its construction.

I expect you’re right to suggest that this building will perform better with regard to energy efficiency than the generally older stock in town, however any comparisons really need to be made to comparable contemporary buildings, including those with Green Star certified ratings ( has a project directory showing these).

National Indigenous gallery: what should come first?
I trust this article will give some pause for thought.
I think if the government can properly articulate the need for an appropriate, un-rushed process to design the consultation process, and to then implement it while taking the (national) community on a journey, then they should be able to sell it with ease, even if sod is turned later in the government’s current term. The design of the process is paramount.
I expect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians should expect nothing less, and that the international tourism market seeking authentic experiences would similarly be more drawn to an institution developed through a properly conceived, well publicised consultation process.
This applies to both the proposed Art Gallery and Cultural Centre, which I expect should be partly consulted on in tandem.

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