Thanks Kieran, this painting is how so many of us …

Comment on Farewell, Iain Campbell by Lucy Stewart.

Thanks Kieran, this painting is how so many of us will remember Iain, just off having a nap in his studio. A true Centralian treasure, such generosity of sprit and warmth of heart. Iain your art, antics and charm touched so many in our community, like our little family. I have such wonderful memories of you singing ‘flow gently sweet Afton’ to our then babe now grown girl and you bringing in paintings for exhibition that were so fresh the paint was still wet. Condolences and much love to Mandy and all your family. Rest Well friend.

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Can government afford cultural discord gallery is creating?  
Excellent and detailed report Kieran – thank you for taking the time to listen, investigate and share. Without your clarity the obvious but subtle bias in the use of language in this report would be easily missed, for example: “the report does not use the term Apmereke artweye for this “custodian and registered native title claimant”, clearly Mrs Stuart, conferring the traditional term only on the person in favour of the proposal”

Words that everyone who lives here should know!
Wonderful words Ronja, such a fantastic project.
I have visited the Apmere twice already and will go again and again.
I have seen a strong spirit of collaboration on both visits with local Arrernte and non Arrernte people involved as organisers and visitors / participants.
Yes, pronounciation is hard and I love the “no shame procounciation room” in the little yellow shed.
Great fun was had in class today testing my clumsy pronounciation of the 50 words, it felt good to shake up the balance of who is teaching whom.
This is one of those pivotal only in Alice projects that will change our little community for the better.
So impressed with the professional artistry and cultural co-construction.
Congratulations Beth, and all involved, thanks for your dedication and energy.
Once again Watch This Space providing a supportive environment to grow community connectedness through an arts lens.

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