A gentle and generous man whose commitment to his sense …

Comment on Farewell, Iain Campbell by Pip McManus.

A gentle and generous man whose commitment to his sense of place and perception of the world always rang true in his paintings. The legacy of his art provides an enduring window to a particular aspect of Alice over many decades. My condolences to Mandy and family. Vale Iain.

Recent Comments by Pip McManus

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Thanks Rainer for such a well considered and compassionate observation of the issues underlying youth disaffection and crime in our town. Every child needs a resourceful and caring adult, preferably family, to look out for them – every day. A starting point for this government would be to devote more energy and resources into assisting responsible kin to provide the basic needs of food and safety.

The eternal chase: songlines of the Seven Sisters
Having spent time recently at this luminary exhibition, I can affirm that Kieran’s article succeeds in a wonderfully evocative way to convey both the narrrative grandeur and troubled sexual entanglements of the Kungkarangkalpa exhibition.
An ancient cautionary tale that indeed resonates just as strongly across cultures today.

Extreme variability: local climate change right now
Excellent article Kieran. As someone who has lived here for more than three decades the altered landscape, both literally (oceans of buffel grass, plagues of grasshoppers),and evidentially (rainfall and temperature records) is beyond arguing about. Hell may freeze over in the long run, Mr Bell, but much sooner and more likely, the frogs who insist on staying in the pot of simmering water will be unable to jump out or turn the gas off.

Caterpillars as big as a mountain are starving
Thanks Fiona, for a thought provoking and multi layered reflection on this place we are lucky enough to call home.

Palm Valley, Gosse Bluff to the rescue of our tourist industry?
I have to agree with the Joint Finke Gorge Park management group: “The 4 wheel drive experience at Palm Valley is highly valued by visitors seeking adventure and solitude”.
I for one have no interest in visiting off the beaten track sites if they are turned into “must see”, tick the box, easy access destinations available to 90 percent of tourists.
High visitor numbers and immaculate roads could easily destroy the appeal of such a singular and remote hidden valley.
A parallel story is the fate of Barcelona which in the last twenty years has lost its appeal for quiet wanderings in the gothic quarter and stumbling across another architectural marvel. The Catalans have now lost their city to a constant parade of tour buses disgorging mobs of selfie stick toting tourists and endless queues to tick off attendance at the obligatory Gaudi sites.
The people of Barcelona are so sick of the intrusions that they are seeking ways to limit visitor numbers and keep their own special places a secret. Be careful what you wish for Erwin!

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