RIP dear Iain Campbell. Deepest sympathy to all who knew …

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RIP dear Iain Campbell. Deepest sympathy to all who knew him and cared for this lovely outstanding Alice Springs artist. He certainly enriched and brightened my life by sharing his art and wisdom. He was always kind and supportive. What a wonderful artist. I am very sad to see his passing. Thank you Alice Springs News and Keiran for writing this beautiful farewell for an artist who touched so many lives and inspired many. Sending love to all.

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I can understand the confusion. My lineage is with the Mackinac tribe and yet more than half of us are recognized under the Sioux tribe.
I remember Johnny W who proudly exclaimed to be Warlpiri, pretending not to like the Pintupi, and yet loved the Pintupi, while later I found out, his mother was Pintupi!
Hope at some point to see this amazing exhibition!

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