Its saddens me to see what has happened to a …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Christina Brownlee.

Its saddens me to see what has happened to a great motivated man Gerry one who loves the people but loved what he does.
Also, wherever he went he befriended a lot of people as he’s a peoples’ person.
He loved and cared about them like family. I read all the reviews and felt really humble what people had written about him.
I have been a listener for those 16 years when Gerry did the Maori broadcasting on a Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it with Uncle Honi, Lady Di, Angel and the Gman.
He has improved this station up to what it is today and I really don’t think it will be the same without him.
Gerry brightened our days up with his humour, chatty ways and his laugh on the breakfast show.
It brought tears to my eyes to read what my Brother had written after all those years that he had dedicated to CAAMA and the people far and wide, and yes, came into our homes and hearts.
I am one proud sister and to me you are certainly a legend.
You will achieve more in your life and give 100% and some on your next achievement we as family support you always in what decision you make for the future.
Thank you always for keeping us in touch on the airways. Thinking of you.
NADIA AND THE FAMILY. Love and God’s blessings always.
Your Sis xoxoxo

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