What a shame that CAAMA has forced Gman to leave …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Brissie Babe.

What a shame that CAAMA has forced Gman to leave his post.
He has trained, mentored and cared for countless Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff over his career.
He never discriminated. He has worked tirelessly to ensure CAAMA is held in high esteem, and he always put CAAMA first.
The CAAMA board, including the recently former CAAMA chair, should hang their heads in collective shame at not only Gman’s exit, but to the forced exit of others leading to Gman’s resignation.
There will be others also forced to leave. The commercial ramifications of these decisions will put more pressure on government funding reliance as commercial sponsors distance themselves from CAAMA.
Such a short-sighted shame, CAAMA board. They should be named and shamed – including the recently former chairperson who should be held responsible for the mess.
Ps: Desert Rat – you have no idea of the truth, or perhaps you are a disguised board member?

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Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
Sorry Desert Rat, I cant work at CAAMA while also working at Brisbane.
It was public record that Karl Hampton was the chairman. As a Labor lady I know what is going on around the place. People talk. I listen.
People raise an eyebrow and talk, I listen even harder. That is what’s happening now.
Sad for CAAMA.

Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
Desert Rat – you seem to have some inside information when you know that he chose to leave and was not pushed. Are you sure you are not a Dorothy Dix trying to put some counteractive feel good messages out there on behalf of the board? You sound very adamant about your information. Come on Desert Rat. Spill the beans as to what you know and how.
Perhaps the former chairperson, Karl Hampton, should be asked for comment on all of this?

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Karl Hampton CAAMA boss amidst ‘Aboriginalisation’ row
Good CAAMA: You sound like you are a bitter ex CAAMA employee – let me guess … fired many years ago for being lazy? But you thought it was your right to have a job there and only now having the courage to fire shots at Gman from behind a false name?
Yep, sounds like you have an axe to grind and a hand in the pocket of the new CEO Karl Hampton – who himself thought it was his right, without the skills, for the top job.
Fun fun fun in the Alice with a board thinking they can fire from the hip without a care in the world.
The Right Honourable Nigel Scullion should really look at what he is funding – a misery machine that serves the purposes of a few who stick letters after their names for all to see, but don’t know how to use them.
[ED – We have delayed posting this comment for 24 hours to give Mr Hampton the right of reply. He did not exercise it. Should he do so we will consider publishing his reply.]

CAAMA radio: questions on Hampton appointment
You are right, Another Observer – too many snouts – definitely too many snouts on the CAAMA board.
Too many glorified nobodies on the CAAMA Board who think they know best.
All hiding behind the ORIC “process” lie thinking that the public are just stupid.
Who is the CAAMA chairman now? They have given Karl the job. Ask them.
Take away the ORIC shield and what else have they got to hide behind?
The truth is the process is murky and it is back to nepotism.
It was a done deal before the ink even dried on the job advert for the job that was given to Karl.

[ED – Mr Hampton did not respond to an invitation to respond.]

Karl Hampton CAAMA boss amidst ‘Aboriginalisation’ row
Real Arrernte – you sound like a true-blue CAAMA board member, defending the murky process that took place since Karl Himpton was the chairman.
A real board would have understood how Karl’s appointment would look.
They are just hiding behind ORIC. Every one knows this is pure nepotism straight from the 70s. But then again, we are in the wild wild frontier and “reverse racism” is just fine. Yee-haa!

Karl Hampton CAAMA boss amidst ‘Aboriginalisation’ row
What a conspiracy.
Getting rid of the CEO while he was the chair, and then becoming the new CEO?
And to the board, and “spokesperson” Tracie Brand, getting rid of the great Gman, and then dismissing his resignation that it “happens every day”!?
Desert Rat (from another article), you’re a board member at CAAMA. Tell us what is really going on here. Non-Aboriginal taff at CAAMA will be too scared to take holidays.
Well done CAAMA board – racism is alive and well!
Nigel Scullion needs to have a good look at what he is funding. A business? An icon? Or a vehicle for racial cleansing?
And a national recruitment campaign? What skills, besides Aboriginality, does Karl Hampton have to run a business?
He lost interest in his own Parliamentary seat so how is he going to keep interested in running CAAMA?
And getting rid of someone so he can become the CEO? Has Karl Hampton no shame? It appears not.

Mbantua Fest: statement from Perkins, no news on debt payment
I assume Mr Perkins is accusing ORIC of misrepresenting the truth? If I owed people so much money, I wouldn’t be walking around proudly looking for technicalities with which to fire at other people. Accept responsibility Mr Perkins and cough up the money that you owe everyone. You can’t walk away from this!

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