Is it out Erwin, Jobs for the Boys, heard last …

Comment on Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’ by Puzzling.

Is it out Erwin, Jobs for the Boys, heard last week the chair.

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Shock resignation as radio station ‘Aboriginalises’
@ Peter Ross: Yes Gman has had to fight for his existence at CAAMA since he started.
Discrimination against him was shocking, yet he stayed and fought for 16 years.
Maybe Desert Rat, after 16 years of fighting for his rights and continuing to lift the image of CAAMA Radio both in town and to the rest of Australia has had his toll and he can not keep fighting a board who do not support him.
Take a look at what he has done and where CAAMA has come.
How can the board and its management without a permanent CEO make such a decision? Instability is not what is needed.
By the way, what is happening with the CEO position, who takes that on, wait and watch this space I suppose.
Job for the boys I’m hearing.

Recent Comments by Puzzling

Aboriginal royalties: A golden deal?
Royalties gets paid to individuals in Yuendumu, cash.
This money could be used on improving their life styles, education, health etc.
But they spend it on grog, cars (that last a few months). They prefer to waste it instead of putting it to good use.
Now the court case coming up, money could be put to this, but I bet it wont.
People cry poor pity me, I have nothing, but when royalties come, it is wasted.
I guarantee they get more money per year then I do working for a living just to put a roof over my head and food on my table.
Royalties to individuals is not the only thing they get.
I have known of the mining company paying for and supplying other things to the community as well. Sick of hearing poor me.
Save your money and put it to good use like the rest of us hard working people.

Street kids: What cops can do
@ Psuedo Guru: It is not the elders who are to blame, it is the parents.
Find out who is receiving the money from Government for these darlings.
Take the money away from the parents and use the money to care for the child, and work with the drunken parents, or send them all back to their own dry communities to programs set up to deal with their issues.

St Philip’s College students shine in NTCET
Well done to all the students, a great achievement.

Council cemetery: Seven years of planning, no conclusive result
ON many occasions over the years, I have written to the Alice Springs Town Council asking what is going to be done with the Memorial Cemetery.
It is a part of Alice Springs history, with old Territorians who helped build and shape this town.
It holds lot of history with the different religious sections and the Returned Soldiers section, Namatjira’s monument yet here it is in the middle of our town, looking like no one gives a damn.
My response from the Council at the time – well present day aldermen / women have no rellies in there and so are not really interested.
Well bugger me, don’t worry about our old pioneers who made this town.
The garden cemetery is a beautiful haven, but look at Memorial – neglected and left to the elements.
Council said at the time, it cost too much money, but how much have we spent ripping up Todd Mall over and over.
This place is history, this cemetery deserves to be treated with respect.
Spend money on it and treat it with the respect it deserves and make it a tourist attraction.

Private $25m residential project for health staff
So where is this going to be built? They need to look at parking at the hospital for patients and visitors. Too many staff take the car parks.

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