Clay pans mob: Gathering trash can be fun

p2415 Ilparpa clean-up 1


p2415 Ilparpa clean-up 2This morning’s tally for the Ilparpa Claypans Lovers: 25 bags of rubbish including four bags of recyclables, one bag of broken glass and eight tyres.


Add to that heaps of car parts, including numerous roped up bonnets and a surfboard previously used for “carving up the claypans,” as organiser Stacy Hughes describes it.


Then there were four car bodies, made easily accessible by the Outback 4WD club.

p2415 Ilparpa clean-up 3

“Thank you to all that mob,” says Ms Hughes in tribute to 38 volunteers helping out this morning.



PHOTOS by MARIE RANCON. At top (from left): Matura, Kate, Donna, Demi, Jimmy, Stacy, Wayne, Johannes, Glenn • Above: Rachel, Phoenix and Be.




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  1. RayB
    Posted March 10, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    Thanks to the Ilparpa Claypan Lovers for the hard work.
    We have been going to the claypans for many years, usually after the rains fill it with water, and we always leave the place clean, no trash left behind.
    It is too bad some use it as a dumping ground for old cars and rubbish.
    We all enjoy it so let us leave it the way we found it for others who follow.
    And yes, you can drive a 4WD at the claypans and act responsibly, as we do. Thanks again.

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  2. Marie
    Posted March 5, 2017 at 9:32 pm

    And a big THANK YOU to our partner ALEC (Arid Lands Environment Centre) for the logistical support and for helping to coordinate and promote the event, it was a great morning!

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