And a big THANK YOU to our partner ALEC (Arid …

Comment on Clay pans mob: Gathering trash can be fun by Marie.

And a big THANK YOU to our partner ALEC (Arid Lands Environment Centre) for the logistical support and for helping to coordinate and promote the event, it was a great morning!

Recent Comments by Marie

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
I simply believe we don’t speak the same language. The Mayor mentioned on ABC “the lack of acknowledgement of what council is already doing”, adding that the council is planning to invest in more electric cars and also is careful with its power usage…
A Climate Emergency Plan is not about what the council itself is doing to tick the box and show off to the community but about how it involves its citizens to create a healthier and sustainable place to live. And you can do that by educating, informing, sensitising …
But to do that, we need leaders that understand these things and this is where we get lost in translation.
Can someone tell me how, with 300+ days of sun/year, we are not a model in term of solar energy and why this town is not running on solar power?
Can someone tell me, how it is possible that half Australia’s food industry is owned by foreign investors, wrecking the land and sucking out our water?
Can someone tell me why we waste so much water in the mining industry, swimming pools and cattle industry while we know that the drought will get worse?
Did you know that producing 1kg of meat requires between 5,000 and 20,000 litres?
Can someone tell me why in this town there is no building regulation in terms of insulation? Everybody is using the ACs and heaters while a smartly built home would have a lower energy impact.
A Climate Emergency Plan would sensitise people on all these things, the way we live and eat, and set some targets to reducing the way we buy and consume.
The Mayor talks about the Alice Springs recycling centre, great but what is really recyclable? Is there any education around it?
What we need to do is to take the problem at its roots, buy less, buy smart, produce local and ban plastic. With governments, it is always dealing with the problem at the end of the chain, when it is too late!
Climate change repercussions are global, they are not only drowning islands far away or dying polar bears but they are in our home, on our plates, in our bodies and minds every day.

And now, the Stuart Highway by scooter
When I read the headline I thought he must be French. And here he is! Says a French woman 🙂

Leaving town: Centre, its creatures will miss Kaye Kessing
How come I didn’t come across this article before! So this is publicly out there, you are leaving us! Well, I guess we now have a holiday house down south 🙂 We will miss you here!

Help disabled to be part of the economy
That would be good to also use “people with disability” in the headline instead of “disabled” … They are people first!

Man sought in indecent assault investigation
He was in front of Monte’s on Friday afternoon at 5:15pm and did the same to me while I was getting off my bike!

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