Thanks to the Ilparpa Claypan Lovers for the hard work. …

Comment on Clay pans mob: Gathering trash can be fun by RayB.

Thanks to the Ilparpa Claypan Lovers for the hard work.
We have been going to the claypans for many years, usually after the rains fill it with water, and we always leave the place clean, no trash left behind.
It is too bad some use it as a dumping ground for old cars and rubbish.
We all enjoy it so let us leave it the way we found it for others who follow.
And yes, you can drive a 4WD at the claypans and act responsibly, as we do. Thanks again.

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Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
It will start with one or two Aboriginal communities allowing the fracking on their land, getting rich, and throwing off their welfare shackles.
Surrounding communities will see their neighbours get rich, while they continue to live in poverty under the council and government systems.
Soon they’ll turn to the oil and gas companies, open up their land to oil, gas, and mineral extraction.
They won’t need us anymore and will finally be free, economically and politically. Free at last.

Milk and honey or fracking battle field?
I noticed the front page cartoon illustration of a fracking site, that accompanies this story, and couldn’t be more misleading!
It makes the horizontal drilling and fracturing operation appear to be very close to a water aquifer.
This is nothing like reality, whereby the gas and oil bearing rock is separated from the aquifer by a kilometre or more of solid rock.
The scale of the drilling rig and pipe makes it very obvious this cartoon is an attempt at scaremongering and misleading the uninformed public.
As for the content of the news story, no problem, it is a good point to raise concerning the potential for land owners power to oppose the oil, gas, and mining expansion in the NT!

How to cope with a 40 degree Sunday
The next CADRA Cruze is this Sunday, April 9, to Jim’s Place / Stuart’s Well!
We meet at the Gapview Hotel at 10am. No Entry Fee!
There will be an optional BBQ lunch for $16 when we get there.
More info at, or phone 0411 669 949.
Come out. The weather will be much cooler this time!

AAPA no obstacle to emergency action on trees since 2013 
ASTC has been planting trees under power lines for decades – and that is decades of stupidly endangering our safety.
Drive along Bloomfield Street, or any other street in the Gillen area, and you will see hundreds of wretched, butchered trees under power lines that should never have been planted there in the first place.
You can find them along every street in town where there are above ground power lines.
Power and Water Authority cuts back these poor trees to protect us from power outages or electrocution when trees come into contact with high voltage lines.
The costs of PAWA tree trimming are either passed on to us in our power bills or paid by our taxes; not free. The only reason PAWA has to do this is because of the stupid placement of trees along our streets under the power lines.
Alice Springs Town Council, hello? It’s time to get smart! Let’s recycle all these poor old trees, and plant new ones where they can grow to their full potential without the need to butcher them in future for public safety.

Fracking: The nays have it
Every human endeavour involves some risk. Riding a bike, playing in a port, eating out at a restaurant, flying interstate, driving a car: We assess the risk, consciously or subconsciously, in everything we do, and then get on with our lives.
Many risks were identified in the fracking paper. However, have the risks been validated?
Anyone can think of a list of risks, but are they reasonable?
The risk assessment process determines what risks have high impact, and what are low.
What is the actual result of risk coming true for each item? Low? Moderate? High?
A valid risk assessment must be done for each risk and those results should be made available to the public before any meaningful discussion can be possible.
I support rational discussion on the subject.
I also expect we would look to the experiences of other countries where the fracking an horizontal drilling techniques are in full swing.
We are not inventing the wheel here, so let us learn from the experiences of others.

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