Hi Erwin, I was very interested to read your report on …

Comment on Fracking: The nays have it by Sue Fraser-Adams.

Hi Erwin,
I was very interested to read your report on the fracking inquiry.
One risk that appears to have been missed in the long list is the risk to the health of human and beast of the gas flares that will accompany every well drilled.
There is something known in the gas industry as the “sacrifice zone”, where everyone, both human and animal, is expendable.
1 Territory (of which I am the Vice-President) sent out a press release earlier this week drawing attention to the fact the sacrifice zone will exist around the thousands of fracking wells the Labor Party has planned for the Territory. Most importantly, Darwin City, Palmerston, the northern suburbs, the rural areas and the Cox Peninsular are already in the sacrifice zone.
The Conoco Phillips gas plant has been using a gas flare since it began production in 2008. You can’t see the flare very well but they burn off an unknown quantity of toxins from the plant on a regular basis. What is most concerning is in the near future we will have one of the world’s largest gas plants operating a massive gas flare in very close proximity to a capital city and its main residential area.
We are all in the sacrifice zone.
Google the Inpex Environmental Impact Statement. Any reference to the gas flare is largely only to do with shielding the flame so it cannot be seen. There is some minor reference to monitoring however there is no detail.
Territorians need answers immediately from Labor and the CLP. Did the Martin, Henderson, Mills, Giles and Gunner Governments know about the sacrifice zone when they negotiated these deals?
What is currently in place to independently monitor the emissions from these gas flares?
The EPA is not independent nor resourced properly to evaluate, regulate, monitor or ensure compliance to world standards.

Recent Comments by Sue Fraser-Adams

How not to manage government finances: The case of the NT
The article by Dr Don Fuller is absolutely correct.
The fanciful idea that the NT will bounce back after the years of fiscal mismanagement in the NT has been concocted by the well paid Fifth Floor and just will not happen.
Add to the facts that Dr Fuller has outlined the appalling mishandling of the Home Improvement Scheme (HIS) which is causing the supposed small business beneficiaries to just about give up (they can’t hang on for the next 12 months on the dribble of work generated by the scheme).
The original three months might have achieved the goals but 12 months definitely will not.
The domino effects of many more businesses going to the wall and an even greater exodus of people from the NT make the future very depressing for those of us left.
And rest assured – the NT Government response to COVID-19 is very much being tailored to giving NT Labor the very best chance of winning the coming election in August.
Territorians have some serious thinking to do before they cast their votes in a few weeks.

Record NT debt: Gunner mum on collateral
Good question about the collateral for the borrowings and huge debt.
The “commercial in confidence” answer is rubbish.
Worse still, if that is really true, who the hell are Territorians in hock to?
Another Khemlani or some shady body or state to whom we really do not want to be beholden to by owing money.
At $1m day interest, someone is getting very rich.
Supplementary question: What is the interest rate being paid on these borrowings, Chief Minister?

Labor gets fracking, gambling, booze cash: Fraser-Adams
UPDATE: It is now not correct to say Labor is last on all parties’ how to vote cards. In a move that has shocked even the most cynical of CLP members, the CLP earlier this week has put Labor second out of the seven candidates.
It does appear both major parties are united under the “Support Fracking” banner and accordingly, must be consigned to electoral oblivion both in Johnston and at the general election in August 2020.
Put both major parties last – it is where they have put all Territorians.
Sue Fraser-Adams, Darwin, Ban Fracking Fix Crime Protect Water Party.

‘Great Air Race’ crashes after government blows $413,000
Another example of taxpayers’ money wasted. This mob could not run a chook raffle.

Government to spend $67m on youth database
67 million dollars? How on earth could this type of system cost that much?
Is this Labor Government insane?
Sue Fraser-Adams

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