Sad to here of Iain’s passing. A wonderful generous hearted …

Comment on In the company of birds: Iain Campbell by Daryl Gray.

Sad to here of Iain’s passing. A wonderful generous hearted character, a man for all seasons.
I can still hear the beat of his drum at musical gatherings, especially the folk club in the late seventies. Rest in peace, Old Son.

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A living connection with the past
Congratulations Jose! A well deserved honour and recognition of your services to so many people. I loved reading your well crafted memories of people, places and events, you bring the past alive in your story telling.
As Bob Hope used to say (and sing); Thanks for the memories!

65 years of history now a pile of rubble
Alex, you write a terrific history of the Anzac High School, and its many incarnations.
I enjoyed the details surrounding the people both past and present involved with the history and development of the site. W
hat great link with pre and post WW2 politics and place.
Keep writing these local historical accounts, because even though the buildings may have gone, the rich history and characters remain in print and photos for many generations to enjoy.
Thank you for your passionate defence of Alice Springs and its unique history.
You are a great advocate for Central Australia, so please, keep the well researched human face of history coming!

Guarding his culture with spear, canvas and book
A nice legacy in print and pictures. I particularly love the reuse of the Mail Bag as a canvas, a very poignant use of various mediums to convey messages, past, present and future.

What would John Clarke have said?
Mark, this is another great piece of writing.
I am left feeling wistful for the weekly fix of Clarke and Dawe and lamenting the passing of a great and clever soul, and a man of the people.
We are all poorer for his passing.

Desert Song: We are one and free
Many hearts and souls, joined together in the very heart of the country.
Well, anyone who has spent time in the beautiful country in and around the Centre knows how powerful time spent there is.
To combine it with voices in song from so many places is a joy to behold.
Thanks for the video posted here, I can vicariously experience (albeit a small portion), what it must have been like for those present, gathered in harmony, love and peace.
This is the best message to show to the world, especially at times like these.
Well done, and blessings to all involved.

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