Trucks regularly have the tops of pantechs scrape the trees, …

Comment on AAPA no obstacle to emergency action on trees since 2013  by AB.

Trucks regularly have the tops of pantechs scrape the trees, you can see the multiple of rub marks on them, one day it won’t be a scrape it will be a full hit….

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Plans to turn Memo Club into Aboriginal ‘health hub’
Hal Duell, I think there is bowling at the golf course now.

Uber: Who will win?
Uber is the same as any business operating in Australia. Why does it matter that the money goes straight into a bank account? Most businesses take EFTPOS … same thing.
I own a business that accepts EFT, I am registered for GST, I pay taxes, there are government bodies to ensure I do so, as I’m sure there are for taxis, ride shares etc.
Paul, it would be no different that the hire cars. Uber will have good and bad operators, just like taxis and hire cars have.

‘Street kids of a kind we haven’t seen before’
As usual the talk is on helping the perpetrator, never anything about supporting the victims of Tamara and her recidivist friends.
Let’s come from another angle and double their sentencing and throw their parents in there as well.
We could call it family bonding time.

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