@ RayB: I have seen many places across Australia where …

Comment on AAPA no obstacle to emergency action on trees since 2013  by Dominic Featherburn.

@ RayB: I have seen many places across Australia where they don’t cut the trees back so severely. There is about a one metre space and it looks nice.
Why the complete hatchet job in Alice Springs?
Do we have some kind of stricter distance rules or something? Or is it the contractors?
Going forward, let’s keep what we can and plant from a list of recognised native species that are fit for purpose. Sometimes even a non native or two is OK.
Oh yea, and let’s all acknowledge that we live with some risk every day.
Other councils can deal with it and not turn it into a political football.
Why not Alice Springs?

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Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity
The EIS specifically states that liquid form materials (liquids and sludges) will be stored there. Mostly in barrels and shipping containers – and it is very lacking in detail about how they are going to test each of the incoming barrels and containers.
Let’s just call this what it is – another big attempt to get the NT to be A BIG DUMP for FRACKING and MINING WASTE.
This talk of salt and tourism and rainbows is just window dressing to sell the project to a distracted public; to assist TELLUS to make presentations to community and TO groups more palatable.
There is specific reference to “solving the forecast pool of waste materials in the NT”, so wouldn’t it be nice to hear from people on this thread who seem to know so much: Is this project viable without NT FRACKING WASTE?
Would anyone be surprised if, just like the pipeline, new gas turbines etc, this project is all about trying to get the infrastructure for a fracking gas waste and waste dump economy in place before people start to ask the really important questions?
So why the rush?
Because Tellus and others know that when results of the Government’s inquiry into fracking are handed down, it will be abundantly clear that there is ZERO social licence and unconventional fracking in the NT will not be allowed.
This will mean that the major business case for this dump will rely on WASTE from all other parts of Australia / the world(?).
And Tellus wouldn’t want Territorians to be asking too many questions about that.
Best to stick to talk of salt and new roads for our economic prosperity!

Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity
Steve Brown. Off the mark again.
Harold nailed it and Alex Read is also spot on re where our attention should be.
Whilst it is fine for the Alice Springs News Online to give Steve Brown a voice for his politics and opinions, surely you could be more discerning regarding the headline?
“Divisive Councillor calls for public funds to pave road for mining giant’s fly in fly out workforce.”

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