Everything gets turned on its head. Once upon a time, …

Comment on Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity by David de Vries.

Everything gets turned on its head. Once upon a time, conservatives believed in the market and small government.
Government intervention was synonymous with perverse incentives and waste.
Meanwhile the left looked to government regulation and funding to save rights and nature.
Here we have the conservatives believing every business project needs a hand out and the all-wise paternalistic state will keep us safe while the opponents say keep the government out of big business welfarism and don’t trust it for safeguards.

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Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity
There is a common sense answer to the type of waste that needs to be deposited in this repository – expensive waste.
The kind of waste that no local authority within 1000 km will accept dumping or storing on their disused mine sites.
The kind of waste that you need to put on a tanker and have driven 1000 km+ then pay a significant fee to dispose of.
Hard core, top dollar, don’t put your hands in it, waste.

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The hidden costs in the switch to solar
Trying to understand the transition from hyrdrocarbons to solar is like trying to analyze the shift from horse and cart to internal combustion. You cannot use the old yardstick (to give you another anachronistic term).

Developing gas in the Territory, as seen by an industry leader
@ Harold. You have a lot of good questions. Unfortunately there is no one to answer them.
An untested resource to be accessed by an untested technology in an environment no one has studied.
You are in the dark, as is this is “expert”, as am I.

Company refutes new allegations on jobs for the dole scheme
Kudos to Alice Springs News Online. Providing illumination in subjects others are too scared to present. I have also witnessed the My Pathway charade. The same fiasco at every remote site across the country. EVERY.

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
Fracturing rock provides a very short term operational well – months not years, not 20 years.
Government loves spending billions on pipelines. After a coupla billion we have Mereenie connected to Darwin and soon Isa.
Who funds connecting the next 500 wells and 8000 km of pipe? Pipe dreaming.
It is an elementary error to raise the topic of veto given the narrow window. Some traditional owners have a veto right.
They can exercise this prior to exploration. Most TOs have consented to exploration and foregone this right.

Extreme variability: local climate change right now
Hi Kieran I only have access to the data on BOM. A casual glance at these brings home a clear message – life threatening floods – life threatening droughts – rely on it. However using only 140 years recordings from only one location to make conclusions about the region and the future is fraught with difficulties. Using 10,000 fold more information and supercomputers BOM make some conclusions. 2016 BOM report concludes temp here have risen ~1 C in last 117 years. Number of days per year greater than 35C increasing by one each decade. No clear change in rainfall across the centre. These changes are serious. What remains most challenging for animals and plants is the pattern in place for the last few thousand years.

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