Tellus would like to thank readers for the questions raised …

Comment on Salt mine: Alice needs to grasp a major opportunity by Tellus MD, Duncan van der Merwe.

Tellus would like to thank readers for the questions raised in response to the article about its plans for the Chandler Project. The Chandler Facility is currently being assessed through the EIS process. The EIS can be accessed via and is open for comment until March 31.
There have been a number of questions and issues that we would like to address.
With respect to the upgrade of the Maryvale road Tellus has proposed to construct a private road for use during its operations.
During community consultation stakeholders expressed a strong desire for Tellus to consider the benefits of upgrading and using the existing Maryvale road instead, which Tellus committed to investigate further.
Tellus will need to look at both road options and assess the potential impacts and benefits.
Options for funding the Maryvale road upgrade are being investigated and may include Tellus contributing to either bi-lateral or tri-lateral funding arrangements with the Territory Government and/or Federal Government. There are also opportunities for future funding through existing Commonwealth Government grants e.g. Developing the North Fund. Under this scenario, a proponent could contribute an equal sum of money that matches a government grant.
In response to questions raised regarding the waste storage part of the business, Tellus is seeking approval and regulation under the NT Waste Management Pollution Control Act for the storage, recover-recycle and isolation of materials, including hazardous waste.
Australia is one of the highest emitters of hazardous waste on a per capita basis and over the last 20 years waste production in Australia has grown at six times population growth.
As our population grows and we become more industrialized we are producing more and more waste, yet do not have the infrastructure to deal with it effectively or responsibly.
For example we produce over six million tonnes per annum and about 75% of it is not recycled or recovered.
Tellus’s proposed Chandler project is a third generation design and supports both the principal of permanent isolation of hazardous materials using sound environmental management principals that protects the environment and people, and also the circular economy “Take, Make, Recover this Generation or Store Safely for next Generation or Dispose Safely”.
This is in contrast to the Linear economy approach of “Take, Make and Dispose”.
We believe waste is a valuable resource and we should treat it as that. Tellus propose to develop infrastructure that creates the opportunity for the future potential recovery of valuable materials (that are currently deemed waste).
A range of hazardous wastes produced mostly by the mining, oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing, agricultural, site remediation, utilities and government (including State Emergency Service – man made or natural disaster) could be stored either temporarily (until recovery and treatment is possible) or permanently inside the void spaces left from the salt mining operations at the proposed Chandler Facility.
The project is not underpinned by any one source of waste.
The proposed facility has been designed to accept, and safely store, a wide range of waste including solid and liquid waste that meets strict waste acceptance criteria. Liquid waste would be solidified before emplacement or be transported underground in a slurry form which would then solidify in the void. This is explained in Chapter 3 of the EIS.
The Proposal could diversify the economy of the Territory and attract new salt, waste recycling and recovery and even tourism related industries to Central Australia.
For a brief description of the project need please read the following fact sheet:
For a brief description of the project benefits please read the following fact sheet:
Tellus encourages interested parties to read the EIS and other fact sheets available on the Tellus website:
Managing Director,
Tellus Holdings Ltd

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