Tomorrow is Neighbour Day



Sir – Tomorrow is National Neighbour Day which has been hosted since 2014 by Relationships Australia.


With the assistance of Neighbour Day volunteers we have been assembling and distributing “seed bags” throughout Alice Springs primary schools. Around 3500 bags have been given out in total.


Primary school students and their families are being encouraged to grow the seeds in their own garden and then subsequently share some of the produce with a neighbour. This is all part of building neighbourly connections and helping our local neighbourhoods and communities to grow.


In addition there has been large interest in putting on local events with neighbours. Over 20 of them have been registered, more than doubling the number from last year. Morning teas and BBQs and gatherings in local parks will take place tomorrow as well as in the coming weeks.


Neighbour Day is the perfect day to break the ice and get to know the people who might have just moved in next door or across the street and to help all of us feel part of our local community.


The community you want starts at your front door.


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Jonathan Pilbrow




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