Opening a Dan Murphy’s isn’t going to increase alcohol consumption, …

Comment on Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory by Braedon Earley.

Opening a Dan Murphy’s isn’t going to increase alcohol consumption, it is going to take revenue from existing takeaway outlets – that’s the real argument.
The Federal Government is sending a message and for those that don’t listen you will have your funding reduced, period.

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Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
@ Harold: This government has plenty of time to research and understand the role of the Commonwealth Grants Commission and the formulae by which they distribute the GST funds. Here it is for your information, please read it then re read what we have issued as a press release.
An independent statutory authority that operates under the Commonwealth Grants Commission Act 1973. The Commission recommends to the Australian Government how general revenue assistance should be allocated between the States and Territories. The Commission’s recommendations are based on the principle of horizontal fiscal equalisation, which is defined as:
A distribution of Goods and Services Tax revenue to State and Territory Governments such that, after allowing for material factors affecting revenues and expenditures, each would have the fiscal capacity to provide services and their associated infrastructure at the same standard, if each made the same effort to raise revenue from its own sources, operated at the same level of efficiency and maintained the average per capita net financial worth.

Incompetent Labor Government deserves $2b cut: 1Territory
@ Russell Guy: Sorry, mate, didn’t realise communities didn’t include townships.
The Dan Murphy’s no go is about political donations and mates of mates, your comments are noted, the BDR/TBL or retail floor size doesn’t stop the increase / decrease consumption of alcohol or problem drunks it just moves the problem out of your eyesight.
Last time I checked my B.App.Sc (Property Economics) was still on the wall. Cheers.

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CLP candidates: Representing you or their party?
There are a couple of things which may have escaped your view when penning this story:
1. The gene pool from which the CLP candidates are selected from is soo shallow that the life guard has been sacked.
2. As is the case in the Johnston by-election, when a CLP candidate is interviewed directly, they are likely to give you their view on climate change, which has nothing to do with its definition?
3. Or, as is also the case in the Johnston by-election, when a CLP candidate informs others, “that he has not had to pay a cent for his campaign” which is hard to confirm, because his party puts in a nil return for donors for the same by-election to the NT Electoral Commission.
Yes, nothing has changed at the CLP and nothing will change.
The final thing to note, when running a Presidential style campaign, aka CLP, you need a President.
For the good CLP folk in Alice, you will be heartened to know, that the genius you have running the show up here has preferenced the Gunner Labor Government at 2 on your how to vote card.
That’s right, 2.
Written and authorised by Mark Garner, 1/6 Finniss Street, Darwin NT 0800

Braedon Earley to stand for Parliament
@ Dick Colbeck: One of the finest group of actors ever to grace the stage, thank you for the accolade.
For others, a failed mock by Dick, here is the link,

PowerWater, Territory Generation CEOs sacked
This atypical of a government that is bereft of any ideas of their own and without shooting the messenger.
Where is the Clayton’s Minister for Climate Change in all of this? s
Surely, if you were going to target 50% renewables by when? You would have checked to see if the grid was up to it first?
Two heads should role and they should both be ministers in this failed social engineering experiment by the Gunner Government, you just can’t trust Labor to get anything right.

Braedon Earley to stand for Parliament
There will be no preference deal with Labor.
We do have monetary and fiscal policy which will see the Territory turned around.
We will not be releasing these in a by election for every one to copy, like they did last time but did – unfortunately they did not execute properly.
Personal attacks will not put the Territory back on track neither will cowards hiding behind names not their own. Cheers.

Most money for mining, military
To attract real independent investment, that is money not subsidised by this Gunner Government, investors require confidence in the economy to invest.
Investment usually attracts its own share of risk, return and opportunities for others involved in the same investment activities.
I put it to you and your readers, where is the confidence in the Gunner Government? What have they done but erode the confidence of investors in the Northern Territory?

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