Claims that money generated by fracking would go to Aboriginal …

Comment on Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous by Zada.

Claims that money generated by fracking would go to Aboriginal people are suspect.
Most of it would go offshore, and Aboriginal people would be left with trashed country, poisoned water, and no way to stay on country.
This would be a tragedy and a travesty.

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Sitzler closes Alice office: Why the fuss?
Overwhelmed by a feeling of “so what” when I heard Sitzlers were shutting down their Alice Springs office. Followed by “good riddance” when I heard they were responsible for the stupid yellow bunny.

Council partnership in CBD complex seems certain
They can’t be serious. The most appealing part of the Mall to be replaced by a multi-story car park and more shops?
There are already many empty shops in Alice, and no-one is going to be happy about paying to park.
The supreme court building is an eyesore, and looks like it is standing over the poor little volunteer-run youth centre crouching at its base.
So much of Alice’s history and attractiveness has disappeared under ugly developments – meanwhile, there is little in the way of public or affordable housing available in the town. The Kilgariff development is still mostly empty and has no amenities. Get real Council, look at what is actually needed in this town to improve the residents and visitors experience of being here!

Are we ready for Alice Springs to be the Inland capital?
Hal, you are wrong about the proposed dam. It was debunked by hydraulics engineers, ecological consultants, and was absolutely opposed by the Aboriginal custodians.
The government may have wanted a dam, but they and their cronies were the only ones.
The Federal government minister at the time placed a 25 year moratorium on the proposed dam.

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