@ Bruce: I keep reading about this “vast percentage of …

Comment on Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous by Harold.

@ Bruce: I keep reading about this “vast percentage of Territorians” and yet it really isn’t represented in any ordinary congregation of people that I’ve experienced.
But then, I’m just an ordinary Territorian, not passionate towards either side, but certainly thirsty for knowledge, but all there appears to be is empty propaganda from the likes of yourself and your cohorts.

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Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
@ Bruce Francais: Yawn.
Same old rubbish, still not answering to direct questions and deploying the same old diversionary tactics.
Unsubstantiated claims, both about the science and the support for the vocal minority that is the anti-fracking mob.
“Most Territorians”, you continue to make me laugh, you actually believe this. Good on you, you have very strong beliefs.
Belief – “an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.”

Gas, fracking: potential benefits to Aborigines enormous
Geez, looks like balanced reporting isn’t welcome among the anti-fracking crew.
Who would have thought that kind of response would be forthcoming from a group of people with nothing other than a belief that fracking is bad.
Not only are they all learned scientists and experts in the process, but they’re all very high functioning economists as well. What a laugh.
Still waiting for something resembling evidence from the ringleaders in the other thread.
Based on the responses in here, I’d be a fool to be expecting anything other than repetition of the same unfounded statements.

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Milk and honey or fracking battle field?
Would Edan Baxtrer prefer only his viewpoint to be tolerated in this publication?
Quite typical of a believer mentality, shout down anything contradictory regardless of how scientifically sound or objectively sourced.

Vinnies in Alice barely surviving
I haven’t read any of the comments yet, but the update from the Vinnies spokesperson smells a fair bit like an oft used template that they’ve been sending out after using the “find and replace” command in MS Word.

Developing gas in the Territory, as seen by an industry leader
@ Jimmy Cocking: Is there any chance that you could respond to either my post or refute that of David Close?
Or is it normal for believers to go into hiding when finding themselves in a corner where they are required to provide facts?
I’m still hoping that I have something to learn here and I’m sure a learned person like yourself or Phil Walcott are more than qualified to assist.

Developing gas in the Territory, as seen by an industry leader
I always find the use of the word “believe” interesting.
It implies a fixed position that regardless of contrary evidence will not evolve.
Anyway, you have partially explained the difference but not identified where the associated increase in risks. If the pressure is greater, is there not a resultant change in the construction of the well?
Are you suggesting there isn’t?
If you could identify a couple of places where the horizontal method has failed and resulted in significant environmental and water table damage it will afford a better understanding of the issues with the horizontal method .
To a layman it just seems that given the distance between the target material and the water table and that the wells are effectively identical at that water table and for a great distance below it, there doesn’t appear much likelihood that the risks are meaningfully different.

Developing gas in the Territory, as seen by an industry leader
@ Phil Walcott: With regards to risk, as someone with much knowledge in this area, can you identify the difference between vertical and horizontal fracturing?
To the uninitiated there wouldn’t seem to be much difference between a purely vertical well and one that Js off into the horizontal a few thousand metres under the ground.
I’m sure the many who don’t have a lot of understanding of the difference would appreciate it.
I know I will, because the two methods look almost identical in terms of process and risk to me.

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