Small business workshop in Warlpiri

p2235-Adrian-DixonLETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – A small business workshop will be delivered in Warlpiri for the first time in an initiative by the Central Desert Regional Council (CDRC) combined with the NT Department of the Chief Minister.


Governments often talk about economic and enterprise development in the bush, the words roll off the tongue. In most cases they’re meaningless to Aboriginal people living in our communities because its a completely different language, with completely different rules.


This project is about informing people, dispelling some myths, creating an environment for informed decision making, but the key is that it’s in people’s first language.


The workshop is being developed in response to senior Aboriginal people.


This will be the first time that a business workshop will be delivered in full, in language. It will enable our people to better understand and debate what the issues are when two worlds collide.


When issues of business, finance and the economy come up against issues of land, law and cultural heritage, and how and when that can be overcome [will be on the agenda].


The financial support for this initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to local decision making.


Adrian Dixon (pictured)

Central Desert Regional Council President

Cathryn Hutton

Central Desert Regional Council CEO




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