Let those against fracking keep in mind they all use …

Comment on Milk and honey or fracking battle field? by Patrick Fennell.

Let those against fracking keep in mind they all use petroleum products – medications, shampoo, all rubber products, to drive them selves and exploit the spoils of what oil gas producers put out everyday.
Sure ban fracking but ban your self from all the things you use – Vaseline to keep that green smile while you have contempt for the oily who is out there every day finding the stuff.
I have been in fracking since 1996 and I drilled the Dingo discovery in 1981, long before any ban frackers were born.
I left the bush to work in the energy industry and most I read today is about pumping up the fear.
But do yourself a favour, stay off the roads too, cause that’s using petroleum.
These studies are by eggheads who have never been in the industry, know only what they want to know.
Signed fifth generation bushie who has worked 35 years on west Texas USA, and finds it’s not all ruined as progress has produced good schools, health, hospitals and affordable places to live.

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Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
The latest announcement by the council makes an informed decision with unsubstantiated proof on fracking, breeding fear and ignorance, with no technical expertise, only a position of self importance to be heard as a leader when the council itself knows little about fracking but wants jobs.

Fracking enquiry to be guided by union membership?
Good to see someone sees no jobs with all this frac fear mongering.
Australians know nothing about how to do the multi pad fracs like here in west Texas, USA.
I say again fracking has created growth and made the USA non dependent.
The Territory fullas should see this as no frac operations in the wet is just common sense and if only people could wake up and see fracking has been here since 1946 and not be lead by folks who make announcements on anti frac when they themselves have no expertise in the industry.
Maybe they should join CNN and the Clinton national network and continue to drive the Territory into a place that cannot support itself.
Operators have rights if the Territory residents want all the benefits from fossil fuels.

Is fracking in NT a done deal, asks Lock the Gate
I read the latest shale reports on fraccing in the Permian basin USA once again.
I see your group are not in the oil and gas industry and bring nothing but ridicule, fear and false statements about 30,000 wells onshore in Australia.
Half that number of wells are mostly plugged. Leave the folks and government elected do their jobs but don’t bludgeon off fossil fuels that provide you with the latest in technology while you complain and misinform folks who work to build a better standard for the future. Got to compromise.

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