OMG! is all I can come up with. I laughed …

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OMG! is all I can come up with. I laughed uncontrollably for about 5 minutes, then the sad truth sank in. This rabbit is for the staying. How utterly frightening!

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They must be joking!
It can’t have been very expensive!

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Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Yes, Rainer, exactly, yes. Thank you!

Horror numbers in tourism stats, with a hint for a solution
When one has been away from Alice for a while, like me, and one comes back on an overpriced flight, one sees it clearly: a town in crisis. Dirty, dangerous, struggling. Expensive too.
Of course the good old friendly community is still there, but the tourist does not get to experience that.
What she or he experiences is an ugly town where going out after dark is not an option.
In the daytime she or he encounters screaming, fighting, etc.
There’s nothing to see that is uplifting. Empty shops galore.
Even backpackers, who have saved Alice before, now stay away.
It has not alway been like this.
I ran a backpackers hostel between 2006 to 2010. I was nearly always fully booked. I sold just in time. I felt how the town was slowly collapsing.

Vinnies in Alice barely surviving
Another NGO where bullying of staff is rampant.
Alice is full of them and this is a huge problem for employees and volunteers in Alice Springs.
Let it be clear that Melissa Durston was bullied away. I saw this happen and was one of the 40+ volunteers who protested and then walked off.
The whole situation could have easily been avoided. A tragedy caused by incompetence in management that affects the poor in our community.

CatholicCare jobs for dole falls in a heap: allegation
There is a very simple way to prove or disprove one part of these allegations:
Ask CCNT (or any other remote provider) for the monthly appointment letters to job seekers of the past two to three months with the employment consultant in Finke (or any other community).
There is a name, a date and a time of appointment in these letters. You will find that some job seekers have an appointment in the afternoon between 1pm and 4pm.
If there are no employees who officially work these hours; if they are, for example, employed until 1pm, or if they leave the community at midday to travel back to Alice Springs, it is proven that job seekers miss their appointments due to a provider’s fault.
You will find that occurs very often.
If the employees of CCNT (or any other remote provider) in Finke (or any other community) are not at work in the mornings, job seekers with appointments in the mornings miss out as well.
This indeed leads to substantial dole cuts to people who are already extremely disadvantaged when it comes to job opportunities, education, and access to affordable food. It is indeed so that children go hungry because of the issues described in this article.
The morning miss-outs cannot be proven unless someone films them; the afternoon ones are easy to prove; just match employment hours with appointment times in the letters.
Audits by government would be beneficial. Such audits would find that above scenarios go on in many NT communities on a daily basis.
Job seekers are not only subject to employment consultants’ absences, but also to their moods and whims. Employment consultants do not know what they are doing half of the time as the rules and regulations change monthly, weekly, or daily. If employment consultants are confused, we can only imagine how confused their clients are!
Mentors working for the CDP program (leading activities) are confused too.
They too have the power to cut off job seeker’s dole money. And they frequently do.
They are often forced to deal with dysfunctional participants on a daily basis. They do not get supervision, like for example counsellors do. Yet they deal with the same issues as counsellors, only on a more frequent and more involved basis. No wonder these workers suffer from burn-out and confusion.
Their jobs are impossible.
It is indeed true that these disfunctional and damaging schemes are paid for by the tax payer.

Youth detention: The full story not before the election

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