Alice’s Yellow Peril (reference to Ron Robertson-Swann’s sculpture for those …

Comment on They must be joking! by Fizz.

Alice’s Yellow Peril (reference to Ron Robertson-Swann’s sculpture for those about to lynch…). How pathetic, and therefore, as previously stated, in perfect harmony with the building and the process of its creation, really.

Given it is funded by the people, and in a spirit of ‘transparency’ that reflects the design ideology behind the glass Ark, could we know how much this work and its (significant) plinth cost, and how the selection was made?

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@ Inquisitive: Not inquisitive enough to look it up?
It’s a slang term for giving adequate acknowledgement or sufficient credit that’s due. Think “proper respect” or “proper recognition”.

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Hi Namatjira Art Collector. You could consider donating them to the Araluen Art Centre, keeping the works on country for the townspeople and the Namatjira family.

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