Your headline says it all, Kieran. It beggars belief. …

Comment on They must be joking! by Jocelyn Davies.

Your headline says it all, Kieran. It beggars belief.

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Epistle from the inferno
So sorry for your losses, Deb and Charlie.
Thanks for sharing your experiences so close to the eyes of the fire storms. Safe journey home.

Bringing Arrernte language into town signage
Well done Akeyulerre. Thanks Arrente people for your generosity. This is for and about all of us.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Thanks for your insights, Rainer.

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
Sorry to see the trouble that this iconic place has got into and the stress on Liz is a damn shame, as is her decision to move on.
Clearly things will change without Liz at the Hall of Fame, and perhaps the Hall will not survive without her presence and personal energy and committment. What a pity.
All the same, reading Liz’s letter of explanation makes me think that this association’s way of doing things might inform a valuable case study on what not-to-do in good governance for not-for-profit organisations.

Horror numbers in tourism stats, with a hint for a solution
Why does each visitor to Lassiter (inc Uluru and King’s Canyon) spend twice as much on average as each visitor to Alice?
It’s not just higher prices at Uluru etc, but also different kinds of visitors. E.g. more of the visitors to Alice are visiting and staying with family and friends, so they are not spending on accomodation.
Also the lower spend in Alice might be because a higher proportion of Alice visitors are young people on working holiday visas, who spend low in order to save money for further travel.
It’s good to consider the reasons behind the numbers when comparing performance.

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