@David, 18 April,the energy used in materials for the building …

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@David, 18 April,the energy used in materials for the building construction is irrelevant as it will stand there for a very long time. Finally a new building in town that will not need to be pulled down for decades.The church on Wills Terrace is another example of a building that will stand for centuries (beautiful use of concrete and local sandstone). Love the curves and colours, an attractive high tech solar passive design (all thermal mass inside building insulated by smart glass) perfect for a desert town.

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They must be joking!
I think it is a great building for the centre of town and should be very energy efficient. Smart glass would have been used for the exterior with all the thermal mass, concrete and steel on the inside which should keep the inside temperature stable all year round with some aircon in summer and very comfortable in winter. A lot more energy efficient than most of the single block structures in town.
Like all high rise buildings in cities this one also will never be pulled down. Better start liking it and most people will,it is a great building.

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The supreme court building is one of the few quality buildings in Alice Springs that will not need to be demolished in 30 years’ time, as what happens to most commercial buildings.

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