I like it. Yellow Bunny is a meeting place for …

Comment on They must be joking! by Rabbitoh.

I like it. Yellow Bunny is a meeting place for us now that the sails are gone. It’s easy to identify and everyone knows about it.
Yellow Bunny is central to the post office, mall, shopping, bakeries and coffee shops.
The kids like it too.

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Yaye’s Café at Araluen to close tomorrow
I heard they wanted to expand the outdoor seating area but permission was declined.
Alice cannot afford to have a venue like this close.
Any feedback from Araluen management?

Advice on ‘insane’ air fares from blackfeller Bob Katter
I expressed my view on another post that Alice Springs is lucky to have a regular RPT airline service whereas other outback towns miss out.
After speaking to people who lived here in the 1970s, I found that even back then, prices were very high. I think it has been the same ever since.
Before being too critical of Qantas, remember that no other airline has continued with their service to our region. We are lucky to have them.
Price gouging or just the price of running a service to this part of the world?
Given the fact no other airline continues with Alice Springs, it would be interesting to learn the real profit / loss operating costs. For it is my concern that one day, Qantas will give up on us too.
Any chance of getting a reply from Qantas, Erwin?
[ED – Hi Chris, I am asking for one.]

Q&A: Instead of Nigel we’ll get Bob
We are lucky to have an airline service – most small towns in Australia do not.
Price gouging? Probably just the cost of running a service for a small population.
Many business here could probably be accused of the same thing.

‘Historic agreement to strengthen SA-NT bond’
Does this mean that TV stations will now feature news from South Australia rather than the east coast?
I suspect that most people in Alice Springs travel North – South and engage with South Aussie, but Queensland not so much.

CBD revitalisation: no need to reinvent the wheel
Before the Mall there was Todd Street. There were shops selling shoes and clothing, there was also a news agency, a chemist, a pub and even a large local supermarket.
In those days, it was hard to find a park as everyone wanted to visit these places.
Many blamed the new Mall for driving away these business due to lack of street parking. Shops for locals were replaced with shops for tourists. But tourist season lasts for about just over half a year.
I haven’t had a reason to visit Todd Mall for nearly 30 years. I don’t need souvenirs, I have all the Aboriginal art I can fit on my walls and there are coffee shops everywhere around the town.
These factors play a part in the loss of the local shopper and visitors wanting things other than souvenirs, but having said that, is it likely that local shops would ever return?
Could it be that Malls became passe a long time ago and no one noticed?

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