Just to keep the record straight re Alex Nelson’s comment …

Comment on Alice Easter 88 years after the altar arrived by Jim Brown.

Just to keep the record straight re Alex Nelson’s comment which is entirely ficticious.
Firstly the casino was already in operation for sometime and the argument was about the introduction of poker machines.
On the Sunday before Fr Meaney, in the presence of Paul Everingham, had lectured the congregation on the evils of gambling.
During the week I considered this and said to myself if he says this again this Sunday I am going to object.
I used to take up the collection of a Sunday morning, and afterwards, when taking the plates, back I said loudly: I object to the pulpit being used for political purposes.
Fr Meaney replied to me in a loud voice, objecting to my comments, and claimed it was his right to say what he thought.
The congregation clapped and that was it. Paul Everyham made no comment at all.

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