Oops, forgot to mention about the greedy landlords. Maybe …

Comment on Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please. by Fred the Philistine.

Oops, forgot to mention about the greedy landlords. Maybe they can pull their heads in with the rents.

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Making the CBD vibrant, again: Detail, please.
@ Evelyn: Have you not yet realised that this town is only a social security town, heavily reliant on government monies? If that slows down everything does. Alice Springs has had its hay days. It’s time the Northern Territory pulled its head in like all of the other states of Australia and learn to stand on their own two feet.
The only way you are going to get the CBD vibrant again is for us to have industry. No industry, no jobs.
If you take out all of the departments dedicated for the indigenous, the whole town would look pretty sick.
We Need Industry.

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First Nations want a ‘Voice’ enshrined in the constitution
To walk together and be heard, the Indigenous need to start taking some pride in themselves, taking responsibility and stop blaming everyone else. Show some pride in yourselves and you will soon earn the respect that you so much desire.
Indigenous living in remote areas can do a lot for themselves, by generating income from themselves, e.g. working their land like the white man.

Councillor fumes over power station job losses
Anything that saves money, go for it.

Lambley, Gunner slugging it out
Ms Lambley was quite correct in what she said, that the Budget was impressive and mature.
We do not need any more funds spent on Alice Springs. Let’s stop being ostriches, pull our heads out of the sand and use what we have got.
We have everything.
We need to stop the spending, not only here in Alice but in the whole NT and start reining our debt in. The NT has had it too good for to long.
The Indigenous need to stop winghing and start working together with white man. Do the Indigenous need to work for the dole, if not why not!

Court placing itself above the community?
The Indigenous do not have to be tried by white man’s law, they can be tried by their own people, but choose ours, as apparently the sentence is less severe.
On the other hand, they better start learning not to break white man’s laws.

Scullion to spend $40m to find out what $1b achieved
Throwing more money into Indigenous affairs is a total waste of tax payers’ money. If the Indigenous were serious about theselves why are they not spending their royalty monies on improving themselves and way of living instead of cars, booze and anything but?
Why is everything so secretive when it come to Indigenous affairs? Is there something to hide? Or is it because if the outside world really get to know what is happening they may lose the sympathy for people “living in poverty”. That’s a joke in itself. They receive more money and attention than I do.

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