Shameful behaviour, but then again, not unexpected. …

Comment on I cannot recall, Giles tells the Royal Commission by Patsy Hickey.

Shameful behaviour, but then again, not unexpected.

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Gas lobby silent on some fracking recommendations
Yes, the easiest place in the world to invest is at the expense of others. The NT has demonstrated it cannot manage a safe sustainable industry – remember Montara blowout.

Fracking failure: Now you see it, now you don’t
Erwin Chlanda, I would really appreciate your chasing up the answer to: What are the possible consequences of the deformation with respect to safety, ill health, pollution and contamination?

Outback Way to get more bitumen
Cost of the NT portion is twice the price. Requires an explanation!

Cart before the horse on gas pipeline?
Dear Minister Moss,
Reported in the Alice Springs News Online recently re the gas pipe line project.
The EPA says: “The proponent [Jemena] did not provide the necessary information to allow the NT EPA to adequately assess the potential impacts and risks to water resources and road safety as an issue associated with increased traffic movement from construction vehicles on the Barkly Highway, and other roads.”
Does this not indicate to yourselves what little regard this firm has for our resources?
If not then you confirm my growing disrespect for yourself and your party.
I have struggled long with your supposed moratorium on fracking because of your backing for this pipe line.
It seems to me you cannot have one without the other so your party’s supposed consultation is nothing more than a pretence.
I was long a CLP supporter but swung due to their bad performance. Sadly your party is no better.

Old Melanka site for sale – again
“if you can see the vision”.
Fancy using that phrase Doug! The greater vision by the developers and yourself would have been to leave the height impediment in place. The only thing they see is the dollars.
Bugger our children’s future.

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