Native title rights declared south of Alice

p2150-Francis-KellyNative title over the pastoral leases of Victory Downs, Mt Cavenagh, Mulga Park and Umbeara will be declared tomorrow after a consent determination over about 12,500 square kilometres at the border with South Australia.


The leases will continue to operate as cattle stations but the native title holders will have rights to hunt and gather on the land and waters and to conduct cultural activities and ceremonies.


“It will also give them the right to negotiate about exploration, mining and tourism activities on their land,” says Central Land Council (CLC) chairman Francis Jupurulla Kelly (pictured) who will be among Aboriginal people travelling from South Australia, Western Australia and the Territory to the ceremony at Victory Downs tomorrow.


The native title holders are associated with significant places such as Ananta (Umbeara), Kalka (Old Kulgera Station, now part of Umbeara), Watju (Mt Cavenagh), Wapirrka (Victory Downs) and Warnkula (Mulga Park).


Mr Kelly says 2017 is shaping up to be a big year in native title for the CLC, with three consent determinations handed down in April and another two expected before the end of the year.




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